Established in 1984, Summerfield Crossing is a quiet, tree-lined community of 140 homes nestled in Chapel Hill, NC.

Close to Franklin Street and Fordham Boulevard, our community has it all - the convenient connection to both Chapel Hill and the Triangle area as well as the peace and tranquility of a small neighborhood.

The Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools (CHCCS) is one of two public school systems in Orange County, NC. Children from Summerfield Crossing attend Glenwood Elementary, Phillips Middle and East Chapel Hill High. To get more information about our highly accredited school system, please visit the CHCCS web site.

Summerfield Crossing is served directly by 2 bus routes: The CL route has several stops on Summerfield Crossing Road and the D route makes a stop on Dobbins Drive at the entrance to The Apartments at Midtown 501:

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Latest News
Annual General Meeting
-The Annual General Meeting is tentatively scheduled for April 14, 2016.
Homeowner Alert
-Check your outside faucets regularly.  These faucets serve as the water source for cleaning your unit's gutters and downspouts, ensuring that they function properly.  Faucets that do not work interfere with the completion of this vital service to your home.  Also note: the repair/replacement of the outdoor faucets is the responsibility of the OWNER not the Summerfield Crossing HOA.

Board Meetings
-Summerfield Crossing Board Of Director meetings will be held:
-July 16
-September 17
-November 19
-January 21, 2016
-March 17, 2016

Send email to for locations.

Give Your Chimney a Checkup!
BRRRRRR! The nights are longer and colder. A reminder to those residents who use the fireplace as a source of heat or cozy atmosphere---have your chimney professionally checked before use. Living in attached homes as we do, this is a necessary precaution to provide peace of mind for you and your neighbors.
PORCH Participation
-Summerfield Crossing is now participating in PORCH (People Offering Relief for Chapel Hill-Carrboro Homes).
Click here for full details.
Summerfield Crossing is in the Booker Creek Precinct and votes at Grace Church, just off Sage Road.

For information about voter registration and other voter issues go to
-Submit community event items (Summerfield Crossing activities or events that affect Summerfield Crossing residents) to the HOA corresponding secretary via email to

Voluntary Mediation Law
Effective July 1, 2013, HOAs are required to consider voluntary mediation prior to any lawsuit being filed. Disputes over timely payment of assessments, fines or fees are not covered under this requirement. A homeowner or the HOA may initiate the mediation by contacting a mediator, who will then contact the opposing party. Either party may decline to participate, at which time the lawsuit may be filed. If the parties do agree to mediate, each party is responsible for one-half of the mediator's fee and any information exchanged during the mediation is not admissible in a court proceeding.

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